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In need of a specific prayer?

Nearly every weekend, I post a Facebook Live Video that includes a specially themed prayer.  I also take prayer requests for those who would like personal prayer and add the petition to the video.

To make your prayer request or to see these videos live, join my Facebook group:  Spiritual Abundance.

NOTE:  Many books are referenced in the weekly prayer videos (listed below).  You can find links to these books on my Pinterest board:  Spiritual Books & Resources

Here is the list of previous videos:

One of Life’s Lessons

Karma and the Law of Attraction

You Have a Special Gift

Most Effective Prayer is a Spiritual Mind Treatment

Look for the Helpers

The Truth vs. The Lie

What Can We Do to Stop the Burning

Compassion is Not a Feeling

The Spiritual Practice of Visioning

Real Integrity is … Shining Your Light!

Happiness is a Choice

Finding Peace by Being Present in the Moment

Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

Change is Good and Should be Easy

Happy Father’s Day

Tribute to My Cat

My Story on Catholicism

My Journey with Affirmations

What is Christ-likeness?

Affirmations and How They Work

Embracing Change

Happy Easter

New Thought Perspective on the Bible

Words of Gandhi on Serving Others

Letting Go — My Confession!

Action During Times of Tragedy

Observing Lent the New Thought Way

Embracing Silence

God/Spirit is Within

Lessons from Our Pets

Learning to Surrender (Day 28 of 40 Prosperity Program)

Solving Problems by Changing Your Thinking (Day 21 of 40 Prosperity Program)

The Law of Attraction on Day 14 of the Prosperity Program

Are You Expecting Miracles?

40-Day Prosperity Program

Happy New Year — Releasing the old and Embracing the new!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays — First year anniversary!!

Lessons in Trust during Advent

Making a Difference

Replacing Fear with Love

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Health

The Story Behind the Ho’oPonoPono Prayer

Responding to Heated Angry Conversations

Increasing Your Spirituality through Gratitude Journaling

Time to Remember ‘WWJD’

Words of Healing …. ourselves and the world!

International Day of Peace, September 21

Happy Labor Day weekend – Being Kind

Let’s Make America KIND Again

Remembering those impacted by the summer fires

Gratitude is the Perfect Prayer!

Blessings to all fathers on Father’s Day weekend!

Remembering … peace on Memorial Day weekend!

Are You Listening?

Happy Mother’s Day

What is Freedom?

Interconnected with each other through Spirit

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Coming from the space of Compassion in all things

Happy Easter

Surrendering to Spirit

Overcoming fear with faith

Showing kindness in our communications

Blooming from the mud in which we are buried!

Sharing love — especially where it seems to be lacking!

Being persistent in all things!

We become what we think about … what are you thinking about today?

Practicing gratitude for greater manifestation in your life

Day 7 of the 40-Day Prosperity Program

Introducing the 40-Day Prosperity Program — Starts Sunday, January 7!

Three Step Intention Exercise

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