Toltec Wisdom: Five Levels of Attachments

One popular concept taught in New Thought centers is the Toltec wisdom shared in The Four Agreements. As a follow-up to The Four Agreements or The Fifth Agreement books, I have recently discovered The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., son of don Miguel Ruiz Sr, author of the previous two books. Reading the original two books impacted my life with its down-to-earth concepts.

Before we talk about the new five levels book, let me explain that Toltec means artist.  According to Toltec teaching, each person has the opportunity to create their own life.  (A concept very similar to New Thought teaching.) This Toltec wisdom has been passed down from one generation to another for over 500 years.

The five levels of attachment are described in the book as a measuring stick to understanding how tied you are to any particular belief, idea, or opinion.  Each different levels represent how our specific way of thinking controls us.

Unity Magazine‘s September/October issue featured an interview with Do Miguel Ruiz Jr. and his book.  Here is a brief description of the 5 levels:

The Five Levels of Attachment

Level One: The Authentic Self.  I are aware I are alive, regardless of what I know or don’t know.

Level Two:  Preference.  I aware that I use knowledge ot navigate choices.

Level Three: Identity.  I put on a mask, with which I get to know myself through the experience of what I know as opposed to the experience of just being alive.

Level Four: Internalization. I begin to use that identity to domesticate myself.  Now I have to live up to expectations I have about that image, and I inevitably end up judging myself. Knowledge gives me the rules by which I will live my life.

Level Five: Fanaticism. Knowledge has complete and total control of who I am.  Now, my belief system controls my will as opposed to me saying yes to what I want to say yes to and no to things I want to say no to.  I’m completely subjugated to my conditiong, and I no longer see myself as a human being, let alone as my authentic self…

After reading the Unity Magazine article, I may need to buy this book to find out more!

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