We Are Stardust

Last week, I listened to an online talk titled: We Are Stardust.

Interestingly, my mind raced back to my teen years and Woodstock Music Festive in 1969.

The words of the song, Woodstock by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young came to mind:We are stardust

We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion-year-old carbon
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

Complete Lyrics

So many of my memories from the late 60s remind me of messages that seem so pertinent for now. Despite all the turmoil during this time, a movement developed that spoke of peace and love. Many of these messages were in the form of music and song lyrics. I remember some of them:  Give Peace a Chance, All You Need is Love, and many more songs — some of which were the focal point of Woodstock!

Hippies also promulgated principles of love. They claimed that there was no point in fighting as all people had to respect and love each other. Of course, song poets and singers shared the same standpoints. They were singing about love and peace, brotherhood and equality.

~ Woodstock: Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll Research Paper

We are all stardust

In my search for God, peace, and love, I also remember the debate over the Creation Story from the Bible and the Big Bang Theory that scientists were promoting. I could never wrap my head around why one was wrong, and another was right.  Couldn’t they BOTH be right?  And even so, what difference does it make?  If we believe in love and peace, then it is all God and stardust.

Remembering that we are all stardust puts life in a whole different perspective.  It helps me see beyond my selfish needs and view the world as one.  It reminds me that what we do and think of ourselves ultimately makes us do and think of those around us.  Are we really that different from one another?

Whether you believe in the creation story or the Big Bang Theory, can we acknowledge that we are stardust?

This thought alone helps us see each other as our brothers and sisters of God, all in love, peace, and harmony with each other.  Not different people, but all forms of spiritual stardust.

Maybe we need to bring back the Peace and Love movement!  It seems like the perfect time to do so!


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