Daily Spiritual Prayer

Spiritual practice is the lifeline to connecting with Spirit.  Daily spiritual prayer brings great clarity and impact on my day.

As a young Catholic girl, I would start and end my day with a typical Catholic prayer.  My mother taught me the “Hail Mary” prayer when I was very young, and I repeated it every day. I abandoned the practice when I grew up because it had no meaning for me.

Years later, after meeting and reading May McCarthy’s The Path to Wealth, I adopted her seven-step daily practice.  When I created my Sacred Space, I would include a copy of May’s steps and a notebook to write my gratitude letter (Step 2).  I found that my time each morning became precious as it guided me for the balance of the day. Daily Spiritual Prayer

Alas! After a while, life got in the way — as it often does and my daily morning practice dwindled down to faithfully reading something inspirational every day (Step 1).  Occasionally, I would meditate and vision my day, but I was often just thinking about what I wanted to do and how I would start my day.  Not very inspirational or peaceful!

Suddenly, I realized I left out the most important part of a morning practice:  Spiritual Prayer. As a practitioner, my life revolves around the power of prayer in prayer in others.  But what about myself?  How had I neglected such a critical practice?

When the revelation hit me, I got right to business by including a spiritual mind treatment prayer after my inspirational reading. The reading brought me into a spiritual mood that seemed to explode as I prayed.

To be clear, I did not pray to change my circumstances!  Spiritual Prayer reminds me that I am one with Spirit/God and helps me align with that belief.  I could feel the power surge through me as I prayed.  Knowing we are one with the greatest power there is was very moving and inspirational.

Typically, I have doubts about myself during the day.  Can I do this?  Will I complete this? Do I know enough to pull this off?  I am sure I am not alone in thinking those thoughts. But since I have dedicated time to pray and align with Spirit first thing in the day, those thoughts are few and far between.

Each day is an adventure for me.  I think: Where is Spirit guiding me today?  What important task will I accomplish today? And if I lose my way, I stop for a moment and remember to listen to the voice of Spirit speaking to my inner soul.

Of course, I pray during the day when things come up, but no prayer is as powerful as that daily spiritual prayer in the morning when I quietly contemplate my day.

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