Everyday Miracles

With all the noise we hear on the news lately, we forget that there are everyday miracles that we often miss seeing.

I was reading an article during my morning meditation and prayer time when I saw an Ernest Holmes quote:

It looks as though a miracle happened, but such is not the case.  It is only a miracle as everything else in life is a miracle.

Think about those words for a moment.  We often think miracles are rare occurrences and don’t see the miracles around us every day.

Many of us have been conditioned to recognize the miracles we were told in Sunday School:  Raising Lazareth from the dead, turning water into wine, and healing the sick with just a touch of his garment.

We can easily forget the miracles we experience every day, such as:Everyday Miracles

  • Waking up in the morning, breathing in miracle air
  • Realizing this miracle air is filtered through the miracle trees around us
  • Enjoying the gift of language and sharing it with miracle words and letters on miracle paper
  • Typing this message on a miracle computer and sending it through the miracle internet

It is so easy to forget the little things in life — taking for granted these little miracles that we experience every day.

We live in one of the most exciting and miraculous times in history.

  • Homes are heated, cooled, lit, and plumbed with fresh water.
  • Driving motorized vehicles to work and stores just a short distance from our homes (in most cases).
  • Flying all over the country and the world in jet airplanes.
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family through letters, cell phones, email, and social media.
  • Heck, we have traveled to the moon and beyond and have pictures to prove it.

Some of these modern miracles were not available even 50 or so years ago.

I often think about my grandmother (gone many years ago).  She was born in late 1880, during a time when most traveled by horse and buggy.  My grandmother experienced the invention of the car, the industrial movement, and significant advancements in the medical field.  She even lived long enough to see men land on the moon!

Maybe if we start recognizing the little things as everyday miracles, we will find more happiness and contentment in life.


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