‘Feasting’ and Affirmations

As we continue the ‘Fasting and Feasting’ Affirmations for Lent, I want to focus on the Feasting part of the practice.

NOTE:  If you have not seen my last post on “Fasting and Letting Go”, read it here!

The fasting and feasting practice is a perfect balance of recognition of what we need to let go and what we want to attract into our lives.  Using denials can be very powerful when coupled with affirmations.

“Affirmation and denial — Two movements of the mind that express power to accept or to reject, to lay hold of or let go.”
~ From The Revealing Word

Earlier this week, I participated in a group call with other Center for Spiritual Living practitioners that used this exact practice.  Each one of us was asked to share a denial that we turned into an affirmation.  Here is one of mine from the meeting:

‘I deny any confusion and stress in my life and mind;
I affirm that my mind is whole and I am thinking clearly and stress-free.’

The release I felt after saying this particular prayer was tremendous.  I also found it interesting how much it coincided with the Lent Affirmations from Unity’s booklet.

Here is a short list of affirmation — what we ‘feast’ on and embrace — from the Unity booklet:

  • Beholding the Christ in them (others)
  • Oneness of all life
  • Reality of light
  • Healing power of God
  • Phrases that purify
  • Gratitude
  • Patience
  • Optimism
  • Divine order
  • Appreciation
  • Affirmatives
  • Nonresistance
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion for others
  • Eternal Truth
  • Compassion for others
  • Eternal Truth
  • Hope
  • Thoughts that uplift
  • Truth
  • Serenity of silence
  • Power of prayer


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