Finding Your Purpose and Passion

The ‘American Dream’ of owning stuff does not give real purpose to our lives. Finding your purpose and passion typically produces greater inner joy than owning stuff.

I remember, back in the 80s, when I worked with foster kids, how this applied. I was called into a meeting between a teenager, her father, stepmom, and the Social Service workers. The foster child was a very angry 15-year-old. It seems she hated everyone except her dad. I don’t remember the details of why she was removed from the home, but I am guessing it was due to the anger she directed at her stepmom.

I was called into the meeting to give an outside opinion. Looking back, I was obviously led by Spirit through my carefully worded response.

First, I told her maybe her stepmom was not a good person (just agreeing a bit with her), but if she loved her dad as much as she said, she would honor his wife. The teenager didn’t flinch, but I saw a noticeable sigh of relief from the stepmom.

Second, I spent a lot of time talking to her about her gift(s). I told her everyone is born with a special gift (from Spirit — although I don’t think I phrased it that way).  I sensed that part of her frustration and anger was caused by her not feeling like she fit in. And, in my estimation from my own experiences, she didn’t fit in because she did not know what her gift was.

I often feel this is an issue with too many adults. Some of us wander aimlessly, feeling no purpose or passion in life.

This subject was addressed in an article, When Passion and Purpose Fade, in the August Science of Mind Magazine.

Authors Barbara Doern Drew and Walter Drew list four steps to finding your purpose and passion.

We found the following questions especially revealing:

  1. What are my passions, past and present?
  2. What common creative and uplifting themes run through  my life?
  3. When do I feel happiest, most motivated, most energized?
  4. What direction or focus brings me joy, and perhaps a little fear?

I found myself asking these same questions shortly after I was settled into a new home after our previous home had been destroyed in a fire. Thankfully, my practitioner friend guided me through the process to find my answers. Now, I know I am living my purpose and passion.

I’ve been fortunate! But looking back, I wish I had the four steps above to guide the angry teenage foster girl to find her own passion. Hopefully, my words way back then helped begin her search for finding her purpose and passion!

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