Healing Bigotry & Hatred

Bigotry and hate crimes are on the rise in today’s society.  In the US where we are the “land of the free and the home of the brave” maybe you, like me, are shaking your head and wondering why this happened and how we heal bigotry and hatred!

The following question was addressed in the Q & A section of  Science of Mind Magazine, February  2020 issue:

I was brought up around a lot of bigotry and still find myself suspicious of others unlike me. How can I heal this once and for all?

The author listed three steps to deal with this issue:Healing Bigotry & Hatred

 1.”Hurt people hurt people.” Somebody in your circle of influence was hurt enough to try to pass that hurt on to you in the guise of it being a protective cover as you face the world…

2. Treat, or pray affirmatively, from the knowing that everyone is a Godling — Spirit’s experience as them…

3. Be around people who look, speak or love differently from you.  … No longer rely on familiar stories, caricatures or anything less than your first hand experience…

My perspective

“Hurt people hurt people” explains and puts healing bigotry and hatred into perspective.  I understand this as my father, who never exhibited a prejudice attitude, told me, as a teenager, to never date a black man.  Stunned as I was, I went to my grandmother (his mother) and asked why he felt this way. She told me the story on how he was caught in race riots in Detroit (in the 1940s, I believe) and he was afraid for his life.  He was a hurt person!

The second point talks about looking at others as a manifestation of Spirit.  When I recognize that we are all different manifestations of the One, I see people differently.  I don’t pretend to fully understand this, but I know that we are all connected — even those who spew hate and bigotry.

But the third option is the one I relate to the most.  Mostly white conservative Christians reside in the area where I currently live. After years of living here, I observed the people are unwilling to accept someone who is a different race, sexual orientation, religion and etc.  What I find interesting, yet very sad, is most people don’t know anyone from the ‘groups’ they are against!  How can you judge someone or a group of people you don’t know?  Easy!  Either you were taught, or those who you admire or have close contact believe the same — which is not a good reason to condemn an entire group of people!

Let’s break out of those patterns and look at people for who they are as individuals!  A start towards healing bigotry and hatred!

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