New Thought Principles: Love

In October of 2019, Petra Weldes wrote an article in the Science of Mind Magazine called:  What Do You Believe.  In the article, she listed 10 principles that describe most New Thought movements.

The second principle she addresses is Love:New Thought Principles: Love

The principles of Science of Mind articulate the basic ideas of the theory and philosophy of this teaching. The principles help us understand the nature of reality — the Infinite Presence and the universal law, the nature of creation and our place in it and who we are in the scheme of things. However, principles are more than just intellectual ideas; they form the foundation for the way we engage in and co-create our lives.

Love is the self-givingness of Universal Spirit through Its desire to express Itself in terms of creation. Love is the impulse, and Law is the way of creation.

Showing love is more than sharing deep feelings for a person or thing.

Love encompasses many attributes including compassion, forgiveness, kindness — even gratitude.  When we express these traits in our lives, we become more lovable.  And, of course, we become more loving when we are compassionate, forgiving, kind and thankful towards ourselves and others!

Just as Petra’s quote above, Ernest Holmes describes love as …

… the self-giveness of the Spirit through the desire to Life to express Itself in termas of creation.  Emerson tells us the Love is a synonym for God.  We are also told in the New Testament that ‘He that loeth not, nowth not God; for God is love.’ Love is free from condemnation, even as it is free from fear.  Love is a comic force whose sweep is irresistable.

Beginning this Valentine’s Day, I would like to look at ways to express greater love for one another.  Maybe saying a kind word to someone we don’t know.  Forgiving someone who may have wronged us in the past.  Extending compassion to one who is hurting.  Showing gratitude for kindness … Aren’t these acts expressed out of a loving heart?  I would like to think so.

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