Spiritual Practices: Giving Time, Talents and Treasures

The Spiritual Practice of giving is older than the Bible.  Nearly every Spiritual or Religious entity emphases the importance of giving.  Not just tithing your money (treasure), but sharing your time and talents (gifts) as well.  In doing so, we set in motion the cycle of giving and receiving.  In New Thought, we refer to this cycle as the Law of Circulation (and to a greater extent, the Law of Attraction which also ties into the definition of Karma which we talked about last week).

But the spirit in which we give is more important than the gift itself — whether it be time, talent or treasure (money).

I like the way Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith describes it:Spiritual Practice: Giving Time, Talents and Treasures

What we do with all of our resources — talents, skills, money — is made sacred or profane the consciouness in which we use it.  If we dedicate our life, resources and talents to the Spirit, they are made sacred and become a love offering to life itself.

We at not at the mercy of random choices.  All that we do, and in this case, demonstrating the spiritual practice of giving, reflects who we are.  And what attracts us, is reflected in our giving.  Our instincts for generosity, servicing and giving are opportunities for catching a better glimpse of our own life purpose.  We give where our heart leads us.

A friend of mine lived on the streets at one point in his life.  Now, he champions the cause, in our small community, to help the homeless — offering food and clothing whenever and wherever possible.  His heart is in his giving to the less fortunate.

When I was raising my family, I grieved over the abandonment of the children and young people in our community.  So I became a foster parent to several children in need.

As you can see, true giving is not just tithing to your local religious organization.  Although, there is nothing wrong with giving to your church as it can be the start of a wonderful practice.  Giving your time, talent and treasure can jump-start the giving and receiving cycle in your life — opening the door to some wonderful blessings.  It may also open your understanding of your life’s purpose.

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