Faith Overcomes Fear

During this time of uncertainty — especially about the coronavirus — you and others around you may be fearful. But I have found that faith always overcomes fear. But what is faith? Excerpt from the Unity Booklet: 30 Days to Fearless Living (Day 3 by Rev. Gaylon McDowell) Faith is our ability to see the… More Faith Overcomes Fear

Remember “WWJD”?

If you remember the 70s and 80s when the evangelical movement was quite strong (and I was among those following it) and all kinds of ‘Christian’ bumper stickers were popular. But, do you remember WWJD?  It stood for the words: ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ At the time, I was not impressed with the saying.  Even… More Remember “WWJD”?

What is Mine To Do

In late May, I participated in an AGNT (Association for Global New Thought) Leadership Forum webinar, “Exploring Big Questions” with Dr. Kenn Gordon (Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Leader).  While discussing how we respond to current day crises and opportunities, one of the participants share some guidelines that I found very interesting and enlightening. Here… More What is Mine To Do

Be the Change ….

So much is going on in the world scene lately.  Horrific storms and fires, along with the violence of human vs human that also seems to be erupting around us. So what, can I, just one person, do to change what is going on around me?  I understand the desire to either avoid the news,… More Be the Change ….