Indecision is a Decision

When I was little, it was easy for me to let my mother make decisions for me:  What to wear, what to eat, what TV shows to watch.  I am sure most of you, at least for some part of your life, lived in indecision — cause we were too immature to make those decisions for ourselves.

But as we grew, we were challenged to make our own decisions.  But how many of us still choose to live in indecision — not realizing that indecision is a decision!

I read a quote recently from the book, The Power of Decision by Raymond Charles BarkerIndecision is a Decision -- The Power of Decision

Indecision is actually the individual’s decision to fail.

When we wallow in indecision, we have not accepted ourselves as independent individuals.  We forgot that we are children of God — co-creators of our lives and world.

Our success as a child of God or Spirit is when we learn to express ourselves as manifestations of Spirit.  How do we express ourselves?  By deciding to create our lives rather than leaving them to chance.  But that is not all!  We need to pay attention to our decision-making process to focus on what shows up for us.

According to The Power of Decision

All It requires is for the person to be interest in new ideas and to be willing to act upon them through right decision.

So how does this relate to indecision?

When we live our lives in indecision, we are not creating.  So when we are not creating, we are not allowing Spirit to express through us. And, of course, when we don’t pay attention, we miss what Spirit is showing us.

During my time as a foster parent, I encouraged the teens in my care to find out what they were good at.  What gift or talents they were given.  Once many of them figured that out, it was hard to keep them from expressing their talent or gifts.  It was a new fresh focus that most of them never considered.  So then, what showed up for them? Most of the time, the problem behavior went away (or was greatly reduced) and they became happy people which affected everyone around them.

How much more effective can we, as adults, be when we follow the same lesson learned by my foster kids?

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