Ocean Waves

Today, I read this very interesting meme that got me thinking. It compared ocean waves with emotional waves.

When emotions’s waves come crashing against your soul … stay calm.  Just like ocean waves, they ebb and flow.  Stay centered. Let the waves wash through you. If the ocean can calm itself so can you.

Ingela Athena Maia Jennerheim, the gal who shared the meme on Facebook, prefaced the meme with the following: Ocean Waves

This is the way I handle some of my emotions.
Especially those who is painful.
I just let them be there.
Accept them.
I just live through them.
And then suddenly they just disapear.
Gone and over and done with.
With Great Love!

I have been an emotional person all my life. Some of my responses were so scary at times I  needed help calming emotions inside of me.

When I was introduced to New Thought, I learned many breathing techniques that helped. And, of course, affirmative prayer helps me to find and stay centered.

But I never thought about just sitting with my emotions, letting them roll over me like ocean waves.

Although I learned to better deal with my sensitivity and strong emotions years ago, I am finding that with the emotional temperate in the country and the world heating up, I find myself seeking peace and solitude. Maybe that is the answer to strong emotions. They get our attention and cause us to stop, breathe, and let them roll over us.

I love the ocean. I grew up not far from the Pacific Ocean, where, as a teenager, I spent many summer days there with my friends. Watching the waves roll in and out can be mesmerizing. Never once did I see this cycle as harmful or destructive. And when I return to the beach (I live hours from there now), I feel the calm and peace of nature. It seems very spiritual to me.

Maybe, the next time I feel my emotions winding out of control, I need to remember the gentle waves of the beach, moving in and out peacefully. Knowing that I am always safe, always loved, and always in the hands of Spirit. I trust that by accepting my emotions (as my friend suggests) and living through them, they will disappear on their own: Washed out to sea like the ocean waves!

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