Discovering Our Divinity

Happy Easter to all!  As part of my morning readings, I discovered an inspirational story on Discovering Our Divinity.  It seems appropriate to share the story on Easter weekend.

The excerpt below is from the article,  God Wants You to Be Yourself by Ernest Holmes and was shared in the March Science of Mind Magazine.

Finding Our DivinityDiscovering Our Divinity

There is an ancient fable that says when the gods decided to create humans and make them divine, they wished to hide divinity in some place that would be difficult to discover. And so they held a consultation, in which one of the gods said, “Let us hide human divinity in the air.” But another one said, “No. Some day people will perfect a machine and fly through the air and discover it.”

And another god suggested that human divinity be hidden at the bottom of the sea, while another said, “No. We have given humans such creativity and such an imagination that some day they will invent a machine that will penetrate the depths of the ocean.” And yet another one of the gods suggested hiding divinity in the ground, for surely no one would not discover it there. But one of the gods said, “No. Humans will bore even through the Earth and discover their divinity.”

After much discussion, they all agreed that the best place to hide human divinity, the place where we would be least likely to look for it, would be deep within ourselves. They said while we will always be looking outside ourselves, we will never think that the thing we are looking for, we already have. And so they hid human divinity at the very center of our own being and left us alone to discover it. But always there was the urge within us, a feeling that there is something still undiscovered, something that could make everything right if we knew how to find it and use it.

It was this divine thing within him that Jesus discovered — his intimate and individual relationship to the living Spirit. It was this that gave him the power he had. And all the miracles he performed and all the wonderful signs that followed his life were evidence enough that he had laid hold of a power that other people knew nothing about. And yet, they already possessed this thing they were looking for in another.

I believe this story and the purpose of Jesus’s teaching is to help us discover the divinity within each of us!

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